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We work to connect you with positions our clients are currently hiring in such as Forklift operators, general warehouse, fabrication, construction, Class A drivers, seasonal employment, and many more fields.

Watch CBS 13’s news coverage of our Drive-Thru Job Fair.

Looking for a job? Tune into our wednesday virtual job fairs held from 2-3pm on our BBSI Modesto Facebook page. 

We will be giving away prizes. To enter into the prize giveaway you will need to navigate to our Available Jobs page to find the Lucky Number in the upper right hand corner. While you’re on the page check out all the current available jobs we are looking to fill. You should also fill out the “New Employee Enrollment form” which can found below the available jobs. 

Our sixth Facebook Live virtual job fair broadcast from 10/15/2020.

We will be doing these every Wednesday from 2-3 pm for the coming weeks. We will cover information about the jobs that are currently available. 

COVID-19 Update

We have taken steps to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 by posting an advisory outside our office, utilizing a temperature check device, routinely sanitizing our check in desk, and requiring the wearing of masks to prevent airborne transmission.  

Are you looking for work? Here are some of the exciting positions our clients are looking to hire in. Positions are posted regularly and offer competitive pay. See the other amazing jobs available on our available jobs page.

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